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I am so excited you've made your way here to check out what essential oils can do for you and your family. They've done amazing things for mine. I'm a full-time mom and wife, and I'm also a Part-time Marketing Manager for a local Marketing firm. When I'm not doing that, I like to run, read, shop, cook, and spend time with my family. Just how did I get started on this oily journey?

Well, I got my starter kit a few years ago...and it just sort of sat there. It collected dust like that was its job. I didn't know how much potential was in that little kit sitting on my dresser taking up space. The bottles were pretty, but I had no idea that inside that box was the key to a toxin-free home...

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...products to help with seasonal wellness, get a better night sleep, de-stress (without WINE), improve my skin tone, help sore muscles...and so so much more. I am constantly amazed at all the different uses for essential oils, and so many of the Young Living products. I'm even more impressed when I try something, and it works. I am skeptical of EVERYTHING, and this is no exception. I can honestly say though, I've yet to be disappointed. The fact that my house is almost toxic free is incredible. That's so important for me and my family. Boys and pets are dirty!! My hope, since your interest is piqued, is that you'll dive in and find out for yourself how much potential essential oils have, and how they can enhance your life. I'm here to help you every step of the way.

thieves household cleaner 14.4 fl oz

Stress Away Essential Oil 15 ml

Purification Essential Oil 5ml

Thieves Essential Oil 15 ml

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My current favorite recipes

5 drops lavender 5 drops purification 3 drops peppermint 4 drops copiaba top with carrier oil and apply to anywhere that you itch

bite buster

2 drops Digize 2 drops peppermint 2 drops lavender Rub on the bottom of each foot

tummy hero

6 drops grapefruit 6 drops frankincense 6 drops geranium top with carrier oil  

enhance your skin roller

15 drops Lavender 15 drops Frankincense 15 drops Lemon Vitamin E oil

under eye circle helper

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